We all have a story and mine started in Romania. More or less all these years I looked for ‘’answers’’, deeper understanding of life, of who I am. Its a constant discovery through experiences of joy and sadness, of ups and downs, good an bad.

I understood that my experiences were not right or wrong, its just a perception of how i’m seeing life with its challenges and it’s my choice to accept, transform and integrate what I experienced.

I was in my early twenties, hungry to discover more, but I didn’t really know what I was looking for. I just had a calling inside of me, a constant curiosity and I guess I was just following my instinct without questioning too much.

One of the 1st books that had a big impact on me and was a big eye opener for me was ‘’Conversation with God’’ by Donald Walsh. This was the moment when I left behind the fear and restrictions of religion and I discovered the power of the ‘’Universe’’.

In the same time I was introduced in the world of energy and vibrations learning about Radiesthesy.

I continued to discover the secrets of Astrology and I found my self interested in Massage Therapy, crystals therapy and healing energy.

I was learning about everything, practicing and I was quite all over the place but in one day everything connected and I realized my passions actually opened a door to go further in discovering my self and be me.

My passion for Massage Therapy was the opportunity to start a new chapter in my life and moving from Romania to Dubai, UAE.

I was alone, excited, lonely and scared, yet it was one of the best decisions of my life. This move on my own, with it’s challenges, made stronger and made me learn how to stand up for my self. Suddenly I was living away from home, no friends and family around me, in a very different culture with people from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds, beliefs and cultures. I made many friends, I faced many sad and lonely days, I met my husband, we had our daughter and made an amazing life in this beautiful country I called home for 13 years.

Here I started a new chapter in my self discovery, and pursued my quest for answers to life’s meaning and purpose. Moving into a different country offered me a new beginning, a new energy, different perspective of life, away from preprogrammed biases, perspectives and equipped me with an openness to reach out and learn about different beliefs, practices and traditions.

Every day, every experience taught me something new. Many things were very different and this scared me very much in the beginning as I was totally out of my comfort zone. What I learned is sometimes making the leap, trying something new, being curious and open to the unknown, can have a profound impact on who we are.

I opened up to life, to people, I learned to accept and respect everyone because we are so different and so similar in same time.

My curiosity got me to try Hypnosis. This sparked a determination in me to learn the practice, and apply it my daily life. This opened the gates to knowledge and practices I had no idea even existed. Hypnosis introduced me to NLP, which I also got certified for. This knowledge made me focus more on ‘’How’’ rather than ‘’Why’’ in my pursue for answers.

How can I act differently, how can I change my mind set and how can I use the power of refraining to help peoples overcome their limiting believes.

A big turn for my personal growth, and a new lesson in my life was when I discovered Pranic Healing And Arhatic Yoga, as a patient, due to previous health issue I had. I was open minded and I embraced the energy of Parnic Healing and healed my physical body, through Energy.

My journeys during Pranic Healing sessions was unique and very powerful, feeling and experiencing this subtle healing energy and bringing together my body soul and mind.

Being healed I opened up to learn and practice Pranic Healing And Arhatic Yoga, I went in India to GMCKS Arhatic Yoga Ashram where I had the occasion to participate in powerful meditations with hundreds of peoples.

And my journey continued, six years ago I moved with my family to Canada. This was a big change, again new energy, new place, new culture, new life and definitely new lessons.



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