Whether you are experiencing anxiety, depression, digestive issues, overwhelm, poor sleep or trauma, you can transform your live with the power of your breath. Your breath is the remote control of your nervous system. Learn how to use it and your live change forever!


Turn your attention inwards, be Aware of your breathing by observing —listening— feeling and be Conscious about breathing with an intention or a specific pattern.


Do you want to have more energy,

feel more alive and have          

 more inner peace?

This is the best way to get great results!

Discover the power of



Re-connect Breathwork its a conscious breathing technique known as Circular Breathing that involves breathing deeply through the mouth into your abdomen and then exhale softly through mouth without  any effort, with no pause at the top or the bottom.

Called also ‘’somatic breathwork’’ or ‘’somatic healing’’ it is a process where our body has the ability to heal through feelings without having to say a single word.

Re-connect Breathwork has the benefit of bringing both the body and the mind to work in harmony for our benefit. On the physical level, through deep diaphragmatic breathing, allows the oxygen to reach our cells and organs busting up our energy and detoxing our bodies. On the mental-emotional level, it reduces stress and on a spiritual level, breathwork helps us connect to our inner wisdom.

My role is to guide you into this activated breathing in a safe and compassionate environment so you will be able to tap into your subconscious mind and access those parts of your self you are not aware in your day to day life.

In the Re-connect Breathwork Journey you will be able to access the non-ordinary state of consciousness, tapping into your own emotions, intuition, subconscious mind and your inner power.

Its a powerful journey into your nervous system that shifts anxiety, depression and negative thoughts, clear your limiting believes, transforms stress and helps you create and live the life you deserve.




Re-connect Breathwork Journey has the benefit of bringing together the physical level with deep diaphragmatic breathing allowing the oxygen to reach our cells and organs busting up our energy and detoxing our bodies, the mental-emotional level reducing stress and on spiritual level helping us to connect to our inner wisdom.







— Canada —

‘’Thank you’’

What a journey ! The feelings of joy and release were overwhelming. Peaceful and Powerful sums it up for me. Thank you Mary !

— Tallis —

— Romania —

— France —

‘’Breathwork give me

clarity and tenacity’’

I’m very grateful I met Mary and got introduced to breatnwork by her. I was in a difficult period of my life where I felt disconnected with my self. Breathwork give me the clarity and tenacity through releasing emotions, and improving my mental resilience.

Mary did an excellent job creating the right environment through her guidance. I feel lighter in a sense.

This is a practice that became an integral part of my day. Give it a try, I highly recommend it.

— Anca —

‘’It’s a form of awakening to life’’

Very interesting group session with Mary made me discover how our body changes in a very impressive way !

In the session, everything in me seemed to freeze then open up through intense breathing to a feeling of opening my consciousness to life !

I simply have the impression that an immense consciousness penetrates us and that everything becomes possible. I understand those who have had flashes and "visions" or strong emotions during the session...because it's true, it's a form of awakening to life ! I highly recommend these sessions for anyone looking for a deeper connection with the inner self or other people.

— Victor —

— Romania —

— Romania —

‘’Everyone should experience this !’’

Every session I’m having with Mary is different and yet powerful.

The music, the guidance, the whole experience takes me after every session into an incredible place where I feel lighter, happier and more present into the moment.

Everyone should experience this !

— Dan —

Inner exploration

is not something our modern society teaches us from young age, as I think it should.

Breathwork is a tool that helped and helps me on this way towards my self.

It is not an easy way but, in my limited experience, easy ways are not leading to consistent results. That’s why I should advice everyone to try it and not to be discouraged by the initial discomfort because the final fulfilment exceeds it rewardingly.

— Mada —

Bringing breath-work at your workplace is the perfect tool to reduce stress, increase productivity, confidence, creativity and promote teamwork. Scientifically proven with low effort and high impact, there is not one person who can’t benefit from this practice. If you are planing an event for your employees, clients, students, and you are considering offering the gift of breath-work, I will love to talk to you about your goals and come up with a unique session for your event.